On our debut episode, we examine the interview between Bill Maher and Dan Crenshaw. This episode’s length is shorter than later episodes will be.
Our first time recording was an exercise of trial and error as we were getting familiarized with the video chat software. At a later date we will be using the studio we put together to record the show.
The second… First full episode of the Born of Chaos Podcast. On this episode, Shane and Kevin take a close look at a local shooting that happened recently that was caught on tape. We find out why you should never attempt to steal clothes out of a donation box. Also the Belgian Prime Minister has his first encounter with a face mask.
Shane and Kevin return to talk about Russian Slap Championships which seem to be gaining popularity in the US. The explosion of “Cancel Culture”, the new Salem Witch Trials!! The burning of the historical Elk statue in Portland, OR. Also, we take a look at the Wayfair Child Trafficking conspiracy theory to see if it holds water.

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